Packaging Services

We provide:

  • Wood packaging
  • Industrialised packaging
  • Returnable packaging solution
  • Temperature controlled and specialised packaging customised to meet our client’s requirements.

The need for the right packaging design and concept is important for the automotive industry especially given the complexity, lean production processes and globalised supply chains.

We also provide two specialised packaging concepts for the automotive industry:

Corrosion intercept services (sub-point to packaging)

One of our unique value-added services for the automotive industry is its corrosion intercept service, which is a substitute for oil, wax or polish. We are the only logistics provider with the rights to use this effective anti-corrosion material in the packing process.  This is just one of many services available from our packaging solution centre.

Completely / semi-knocked down services (sub-point to packaging)

We offer the entire spectrum of logistics services for preparing, transporting and importing vehicles which are packaged as completely knocked down (CKD) or semi-knocked down (SKD).

Tyre Logistics

We provide a set of specialised logistics services for plant logistics warehouses and tyre distribution centres, allowing tyre manufacturers to focus on production while receiving reliable international logistics support from a world class provider.

KN Login

The Kuehne + Nagel Logistics Information Solution (KN Login) is our web-based tool to monitor and manage transportation of your goods across carriers and modes. KN Login enables reliable and efficient transportation and information flow management.

KN Login delivers premium supply chain visibility and management solutions. It improves productivity, efficiency and usability for customers and offers a safer environment to connect with business partners. KN Login features a unified look and feel across all Kuehne + Nagel business units: Airfreight, Seafreight, Road & Rail and Contract Logistics. 

Benefits of KN Login

  • Control - manage and monitor your own shipments in real time
  • Time and cost savings - reduce the time needed to arrange and track shipments, meaning lower manpower costs or more effective deployment of staff
  • Reduced inventory by more efficient stock management
  • Own references - make it easier to obtain critical data by using familiar codes
  • User-friendly - easy-to-use tool with simple but powerful features
  • Peace of mind - 24/7 monitoring both by dedicated KN staff and automated exception management, triggering email alerts to all stakeholders
  • Security - control access to information for improved security
  • Integration with customer systems – with electronic data interchange, KN Login can speak the same language as your ERP system